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Our Aim is to Have Completely Satisfied Customers

At Helen’s Cubby, Inc., we like to think of our business as the must-see place for shoppers who are looking for a little bit of this and little bit of that. We pride ourselves on offering quality products.

On any given day, we are selling a variety of home and garden items. Today, we may be offering a rotating light, oil filters and a kneading heat massager. What’s in store for tomorrow? Well, you will have to wait and find out.

Buy our products by visiting our eBay page. All items can be shipped in the U.S. and PR.

About Our Owner

Helen Houseknect established our business in Jupiter, FL after her husband passed away about 2 years ago. Selling items online gave her a way to earn extra money and keep herself busy. She continues expand her business because she gets great satisfaction knowing that she is making other people happy with her unique selection of items.

If you are looking for a certain item, contact us and we will see if we can accommodate you!